Gail, a native to Northern Virginia, has been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over a decade.  Starting out her athletic career as an elite gymnast, under the training of Tatiana Perskia at Capitol Gymnastics National Training Center in Burke Virginia, landed her way on the U.S. National Team at the age of 13.  Gail was forced to retire from the sport of gymnastics at the young age of 16 due to 2 elbow operations.  This experience allowed her to coach young gymnast and tumblers for the next 5 years.

After accomplishing her Associates Degree in General Studies in Science, Gail knew exactly what her passion and dreams were... to become a personal trainer... so that she could help others reach their fitness goals with the experiences and knowledge gifted to her.  This lead her to become not only a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, but also a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer and Parrillo Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Later, as a result to her many years as a competitive gymnast, Gail’s left knee began giving her issues.  She went in for medical advice, only to find the lateral posterior part of her femur cracked.  After 3 knee operations within a 2 year time frame, with each surgery placing her on crutches for 8 weeks at a time, Gail is now fully recovered!  She empathizes with those facing physical limitations, and is particularly sensitive to those with knee problems... or those trying to prevent knee problems.      

After bouncing back from her injuries, Gail trained her hardest under the coaching of Dr. John Atherton, head of fitness team A- Team Xtreme (ATX) with the goal to enter into her first fitness competition.  In the 2004 Fitness Success Challenge, Gail placed 5th Overall, 2nd in the Grace and Physique, and 3rd in the Skills challenge which entails... your max number of pull-ups, a shuttle run, standing broad jump, max push ups in 60 seconds, and max box jumps in 60 seconds!  This than launched her to Las Vegas to compete in the 2004 Woman’s Tri Fitness (WTF), which also entails events such as an Obstacle Course, Fitness Skills, and a Grace & Physique round where she placed 2nd!

Since than, Gail has focused her energy on her passion to create workout and nutrition programs unique to every individual client so that they may also reach their Fitness Potential!    

Other accomplishments from Gail:


  • Article published on Viva Tyson's Magazine issue March/April 2014 .


  • Trained Suzy Nsouli, a pageant contestant, placed 1st Runner Up as  Maryland’s Miss America.
  • Trained Latisha Reynolds, a cheerleader, professional youth model, and multiple  time Junior Pageant Queen.


  • Trained Bethany Savage to land a spot as one of 30 cheerleaders on the NFL  Redskin Cheerleading squad from seasons 2008- 2010.


  • Started her own independent personal training business, Fitness Potential, LLC.


  • Spokes Model for VPX Supplement Company
  • Spokes Model for TwinLab Supplement Company
  • Featured on the cover of 2006 February issue of Max Muscle Magazine


  • Featured on March Cover of Muscle and Fitness HERS
  • Used continuously in promotional ads for Max Muscle stores and magazines
  • Featured on the December Cover of Max Muscle Magazine
  • Kristia Knowles and I conducted TV interviews at the 2005 Fitness Universe for   usage on the “HerBody” television show
  • Guest appearance on News channel 8; “Sports Talk Live with Glen Harris”
  • Top 10 in Ms. Bikini America South Beach
  • Appeared as a guest celebrity for the United States Congress to conduct a seminar that helped educate congressman on heath and wellness. 


  • Fitness Success Challenge
  • Woman's Tri-Fitness
  • Featured in July issue of Natural Muscle Magazine
  • Featured on Cover of December issue of Max Muscle Magazine