“You get out of life what you put into it.”  Gail’s dedication for each and every client is that they reach their greatest fitness potential by applying this same concept. 

  • Better SELF- ESTEEM?

  • Better POSTURE?

  • Improve your quality of SLEEP?

  • Gain STRENGTH?

  • Better HEALTH?

  • Want a LEANER body?

  • Make better FOOD choices?

  • Spokes Model for TwinLab Supplement Company

  • Featured on the cover of 2006 February issue of Max Muscle Magazine

With over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry from training competitive athletes, private individuals, designing nutrition programs, helping those recovering or preventing any physical limitations... let Gail help you along your journey to reaching YOUR Fitness Potential! 

For more information on a specialized fitness program, prices, options for the location of workouts, etc. Please contact Gail directly at gail.sanez@gmail.com

We all live in a busy world with many options and many theories... especially when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition! Gail has designed a technique that will accommodate to each individual’s lifestyle, goals, taste buds etc. She will educate you on how to combine certain foods to react in your body in a positive way. She will also educate you on how to make wise decisions while eating out by guiding you on healthy menu substitutions, giving you meal and snack ideas that are easy to make or buy, along with a grocery list of foods to keep fully stocked in your kitchen! Let Gail help you with all the confusion by allowing her to design a meal plan specific to YOUR needs!

More services coming shortly.