“I hired Gail as a personal trainer in October of 2013. After losing a significant amount of weight in 2011, I had gained it all back by 2013. I needed some newfound motivation, new workout routines and programs to use at the gym. Over the past 4 months Gail has not disappointed. She has provided me new routines/exercises and has given me the proper motivation to be exercising regularly. Gail has a positive attitude and encourages you to reach your goals, while giving you the tools and programs to do so. I would highly recommend Gail as a personal trainer to anyone looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, or even just to get new ideas and programs to use at the gym.”

-Jesse G.

“Gail is an amazing personal trainer. She sincerely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help you teach your true fitness potential. I have already renewed another 30 day program with her and my building is now referring new residents to her as well. Amazing person who cares about your goals!”

-Tony A.

“Too all of my Miss Maryland USA ladies, you are all such beautiful and powerful women! I feel honored to have been picked as one of the Top 15 Semi-Finalist- and as my first pageant, I cannot believe what a wild journey this has been. An adventure that I never thought I’d take, I’m so happy to finish the weekend with new friends and incredible memories. Congrats to all 150 contestants! ”

-Leah W.

You can follow Gail and Leah’s workout journey on the Fitness Potential FB page.


“Let’s just say sometimes “LOSING yourself” isn’t such a bad thing… with ALL my LOVE to the BEST training in the BIZ!!”



“Gail has been my personal trainer for over a year and I have been very pleased with her methods and results. I'm 57 years old and have all sorts of middle-aged physical issues, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Gail consistently focuses on the balance between pushing me during our training sessions and adjusting the exercises so as not to aggravate my existing limitations. The workouts Gail sets out for me are always changing, which relieves the boredom I often feel working out on my own. Thanks to Gail's workouts, I have lost weight and increased my strength. I highly recommend Gail!!”

-Cynthia B.

“I found Gail at a point in my life where I was ready to make a change. She not only pushed me physically, she gave me to the tools to change my nutrition and my lifestyle. She also kept me going when I struggled through continuing my workout during my tough 1st trimester of pregnancy. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me post baby!”

-Erin B.

“I am a 60-year-old retired female and Gail has been my personal trainer for 5 years. My goal has been to be toned and work on upper and lower body strength for balance and maintain muscle retention for my age group. Gail amazes me is that she continues to show new routines after all this time together and she is definitely not a cookie-cutter trainer. Her workouts are designed to fit your goals and body ability!”

-Jackie M.

“Gail has helped me out so much.

I am 38 years old and I have been into fitness since High School. I always lifted weights and did cardio and I thought I was doing the right things for so many years. Unfortunately my thinking was wrong. For the past few years I have been lifting the same amount of weights with no increase in sight. With that in mind, I decided to get a personal trainer and my paths ran across Gail Sanez.

For the last ten months Gail has shown me numerous exercises that work my whole body and she has also shown me how to eat rather than how to diet. She developed a eating pattern that fits my life style that I still follow today. She gave me 2-3 ways to eat based on my schedule which helps me out tremendously in addition to training me 2 times a week.

Not only has her workouts and eating patterns made me healthy but it has also boosted my confidence.

If you are looking to diversify your workouts, drop some weight and eat healthy, Gail is the Trainer for you.

Thanks Gail!”

-Ken C.


“I'm 33 years old and I have been struggling with my weight for the past 5 years. I've tried many diets (pills, food restrictions, programs) in the past but never found one that I could stick to.

I came to Gail with the hope of trimming down my waistline and received so much more. During our first session, Gail set aside time for us to build a nutritional meal plan that catered to my lifestyle. She didn't just spell out "what to eat" and "what not to eat", but she explained the benefits of healthy eating in a way that I could understand. Each training session has followed that same pattern. Gail takes the time to show you the proper form for each exercise and caters the workouts to help you reach your desired goal.

Even though the work is hard at times, I continue to look forward to each training session. I'm excited by how my body is transforming in response to the strength training and diet changes. I've been working with Gail for a little over a month and already I'm down one size and stronger than I was the first day we met! I believe in divine connections and I know that God has connected me with Gail for this season of my life. I would recommend her services to anyone who is ready for a lifestyle change.”

God Bless,
- Kisha H.

“Working with Gail in my home gym has helped get my back into a regular exercise pattern. She provides me the accountability I need to stay on track/ and get back on track when I stray. When I work with her I feel challenged and do more than I would on my own. The workouts she designs, although challenging I can complete them successfully.”

- Laraine E.

“Gail Sanez is an excellent personal trainer, and is so positive that I look forward to working out with her. Lifting weights with Gail has helped me improve my fitness and gotten me motivated and prepared to start running again.”

-Leah G., Age 33

“I am a 60 year old women, who does not like exercising even though I know it is good for me. I have tried joining Gyms before and having personal trainers on site but that only lasted for a short time. Lately I've decided to have the personal trainer to come to my home, so this way i cannot find excuses. Gail is very punctual and encouraging, so it makes easier to exercise. My goal for exercising is to lose some weight, increase flexibility of my joints and helps me beat osteoporosis. Even though I dread having my sessions, I feel good after I have done them!”

-Mary R.

“Gail is amazing and goes above and beyond to accommodate you. She is young, energetic, and down to earth. For me it was like working out with a friend! The reason I chose Gail vs. the other trainers who sent me bids was because she was the only person that seemed to truly care about MY personal fitness needs. She sent me a personalized message. Whereas, I could tell that others just simply copied and pasted. Then she called and we chatted for about 20min about my health history and diet/exercise regimen. We have only been at it for a short while but i already adore her! Oh and she is prompt and extremely responsive. On my way to a kick ass body!!”

-Morgan K.

“Service: Gail has been my trainer for years. She is always a willing listener taking in any aches and pain and then modifying the work out session as appropriate. She challenges you in a positive way in order to achieve YOUR goals of strength and fitness. She is excellent at providing a variety to the work out session so that you are never bored!

Age: 53

Hired for: I hired Gail for several reasons. First, with a bad back and surgery many years ago, I wanted to keep my body moving and keep away from a second surgery- and this is working. Even though I have had bouts of back pain over the last 13 years since the surgery the exercise, improved strength have kept me away from needing additional surgery. For this I am very Thankful! Second, having worked out, my strength has improved, my endurance has improved and my weight has been maintained. Third, my body now know that if I don’t get in some exercise every week it will stiffen up. I also enjoy Gail’s positive attitude and compassion as we move from one exercise to another. She makes the sessions fun, challenging and motivating!”

-Theresa Z.

“I decided to join my local health club and make a commitment to exercise regularly. I had no idea about weight training I was always a "cardio" person so that's what I stuck too.

I would pick up health magazines and see these super fit fitness models and think to myself "they must eat salad all day"" or workout for hours and hours a day and that's just not me. Shortly after a few works at my new gym I decided cardio wasn't pushing me and giving me the results I truly wanted which was a tight and tone curvy body. A staff member pass along Gail's business card to me and I will never forget the high remakes he have Gail.. That she was a awesome and passionate person trainer and really down to earth.

I called that same day and we meet the following day. We discuss my concerns and goals I had for myself. From my first very session I knew Gail was worth the money paid and the she really knew your craft as a personal trainer well. It's been over 7yrs And my fitness lifestyle has never been better!!! Gail help every me build a body that I wear proudly. She showed me fitness can fun and rewarding!! I learn workouts and healthy eating regiments that I will carry on in my life forever! I give her endless credit to the strong and sexy tone physique I flaunt this current day. Gail was with me every step of the way always available outside of the gym for my questions and concerns so we could reach my goals. If you have a desire to change your fitness lifestyle there is no Challenge this knowledgeable and kind hearted Women can't help with. I'm living proof of what she capable of creating :) ”

-Tamika Robinson